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Ricarda Piotrowski is a German photographer  with a passion and a special eye for horses. Ever since growing up in Frankfurt am Main she has been fascinated by the clear and honest behavior of these sensitive creatures. Without any judgment horses react instantly to the energy directed towards them. 

Ricarda is working to replace the clichéd image of horses that she feels is overloaded with human emotions and thought processes. Especially when it comes to the facial expressions of the horse she often finds the depictions of horses to be distorted and incomplete.

In her photography Ricarda wants to return to the natural image and do justice to the animals diverse characters. The origin of her photographic work underlies her endeavor to depict horses in a clearer and reduced way.  

The collaboration with horses helps Ricarda to satisfy her desire to both connect with nature and herself. The interaction with horses has taught her to focus on the little things, to be pure, self-reflective and live in the moment.

In order to extend the creative freedom for the viewer, Ricarda among other techniques, often use cropped out details in her photography.

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